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19″ CVT Newly Engineered Product

19CMS CVT Vertical Turbine

CPS-Pumps continues to expand their CVT product line by introducing new semi-open 19″ models, the 19CMS & 19CHS.  These models started as en enclosed impeller design.  Customer input from the field was used to engineer and release this newest model.  The semi-open impeller has distinct advantages over the enclosed especially in applications where solids or debris are found.  This design allows for fine tuning of performance, sometimes needed when well conditions change and also for readjusting clearances back to factory when parts are worn.

CVT Flow & Pressure Characteristics

Flows To:  35,000 GPM (7,950 m³/hr)
Heads To:  2500+ Feet (762+ m)
Temperatures To:  400ºF (204ºC)
Speed Ranges:  445 RPM To 3600 RPM

Size Range

5″ (125 mm) – 42″ (1100 mm) Bowls

The pumps in this article are being used in an irrigation application.  There are a total of eight (8), two stage, 19CMS pumps.  Each pump assembly was engineered to use flanged column and flanged, 12 inch cast iron discharge heads.  These models follow the primary design of the rest of the CVT product line in that they feature investment cast, 304 stainless steel impellers.  These investment cast impellers have a finish that is second to none in the industry and increased efficiencies due to the smooth water passageways.

For additional information or engineering support on these or any other CPS-Pump products please contact CPS-Pumps through the support email below.

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