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30″ Steel Mill Vertical Turbine Pumps

30CLC CVT Pumps

The CVT vertical turbine product line is the most popular CPS-Pump product manufactured today.  Unlike other turbine manufacturers, the CPS-Pumps range of bowls starts at a small 5″ diameter and spans sizes through a 42″ diameter.  This massive product line allows for one of the most diverse and complete hydraulic offerings available in the vertical turbine market.  With class 30 cast iron bowl assemblies and investment cast, 304 stainless steel impellers as a standard construction, this offering is superior to others in so many ways.

Flow & Pressure Characteristics

Flows To:  35,000 GPM (7,950 m³/hr)
Heads To:  2500+ Feet (762+ m)
Temperatures To:  400ºF (204ºC)
Speed Ranges:  445 RPM To 3600 RPM

Size Range

5″ (125 mm) – 42″ (1100 mm) Bowls

The entire vertical offering from CPS-Pumps includes the Francis vertical turbine, axial flow and mixed flow models with nearly 160 bowls.  With this amount of product available, CPS-Pumps has a huge advantage in many different markets found throughout the world.

The three pumps in this Blog are engineered, 30CLC single stage models designed to pump aggressive water at a steel mill.  The impellers are constructed out of investment cast, 420 stainless steel, an optional material, used to resist wear on the pump in the steel mill environment.  The pumps also feature custom fabricated 24″ column and custom fabricated above base discharge heads designed for single cartridge seal installation.  The fabricated steel discharge heads also feature special fabricated supports for minimal vibration and maximum support.  Discharge heads and flanged column are also coated with Belzona 5811 minimizing corrosion.  Operating at 1200 RPM and with an overall length of around 12 feet, these three units will provide years of dependable service.

For additional information or engineering support on these or any other CPS-Pump products please contact CPS-Pumps through the support email below.

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