About Us

World Class Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer

CPS-Pumps is a 30+ year old, world leading centrifugal pump manufacturer.  We have 29 complete product lines over the most complete flow and pressure offering in the industry.  We have multiple manufacturing facilities located in countries throughout the world.  We pour our product line in standard materials and offer one of the most numerous metallurgical options in the industry.

Research & Design

CPS-Pumps has a vast Research & Development group that enhances current designs and develops new designs when client needs require it.  We use Computer Aided Design software coupled with three dimensional flow field simulation analysis and rotor dynamics and supporting reliability simulation analysis for our mechanical design.  We use 3-D printing capability for rapid prototype testing and confirmation of computation fluid dynamic design.

Our engineering software also guides in the design of the following:

  • Lateral vibration analysis
  • Torsional vibration analysis
  • Axial vibration analysis
  • Static deflection
  • Bearing stiffness

To confirm casting and design calculations, we have a state of the art testing facility at our disposal.  In this facility we have an Ingle & Burke direct-reading mass spectrometer, metallurgical analysis meter, yield & tensile strength destructive testing, X-ray and ultrasonic non-destructive testing capabilities.

With 30+ years of design experience, trust CPS-Pumps for your next application.

Hydraulic Testing Facilities

We have multiple, third party certified testing facilities used to confirm hydraulic performance.  With flows through 90,000 gallons per minute and horsepowers through 1500 HP, be assured that we can confirm your job site requirements.  We can provide both non-witnessed and witnessed testing based on client requirements.


We have a vast manufacturing capability that we have invested in for the last three decades.  CPS-Pumps has the ability to manufacture 25,000 pump assemblies per year and pour 10,000 tons of raw materials.  This vast amount of capacity was added to give the client a readily available product, competitively priced and of the highest quality available today.

Quality Assurance

CPS-Pumps also has the highest quality assurance standards available today.  We are currently ISO-9001:2015 certified.  We pride ourselves on our quality and continue to invest in our quality assurance systems.