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Complete CVT Inventory Management

Many clients have asked about the inventory program that CPS-Pumps uses for its daily operation.  More importantly, these clients want to know how this inventory can help them grow their business.  CPS-Pumps has invested millions of dollars in inventory, ready for immediate shipment.  This inventory has been painstakingly designed and manufactured by CPS-Pumps, rigorously inspected and meticulously stocked.

In order to have a functional and successful stocking program, experienced people must manage it.  CPS-Pumps has people managing the inventory program that have decades of experience.  This experience ensures that all components needed for an order are in stock ready for immediate delivery.  Not having the smaller items like packing housing kits, stretch nipple kits, bearings, impellers, collets, spiders, glands, inner column adapters, etc. are show stoppers when it comes to putting a pump together.  CPS-Pumps has these items in stock as well.  Hundreds of  4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ cast iron discharge heads round out the stocking program supporting a complete inventory management philosophy.

CPS-Pumps continues manufacturing and stocking on a program that is decades in the making.  The attached pictures of the Rossville, TN facility show the investment that CPS-Pumps has made.  Thousands of bowls, suctions and discharge cases make up only a fraction of the investment.  Keep in mind that even though some of this inventory is used in the irrigation and agricultural markets it still has features that blow the competition out of the water.  Vitreous enamel, porcelain glass lining is standard on these bowls.  Those that sell bowls without the lining will say that it is not important.  This is very misleading and is simply not true.  This glass lining protects the bowl from abrasive wear and provides a 4 to 5 point efficiency gain in performance.  No glass lining means excessive wear and higher horsepowers while operating in service.  Simply speaking, if the lining did not provide a benefit CPS-Pumps would not offer it as a standard of construction.  Compare the performances as they speak for themselves.  The glass lining process requires setting up an entirely different manufacturing process that is expensive and specialized.  For CPS-Pumps, this process is key to our manufacturing philosophy.

Another area of significant differences in construction is with the impeller material and construction itself.  Investment cast, 304 stainless steel impellers are a standard for the CPS-Pump CVT product line.  Other companies that sell turbines will also say that their bronze is “better” than an impeller cast out of 304 stainless steel.  Simply stated, not true.  The CPS-Pumps investment cast, 304 stainless steel impeller is harder, more robust and has a smoother cast finish increasing hydraulic efficiency.  The look of the product is also significantly better.  Sand cast bronze impellers are simply less efficient and not as durable as ones cast out of investment cast 304 stainless steel.  The increase in efficiency from the glass lining coupled by the investment cast, 304 stainless steel impeller is a show stopper and an incredible duo when it comes to hydraulic, specifiable performance.

CPS-Pumps is a market leader in the design and in the delivery of the vertical turbine product line.  This program is fully functional today and ready to serve you.  If not already familiar with the product line, take some time to learn more by visiting the website (  For those that have already made the move to CPS-Pumps, welcome to the family.

For additional information or engineering support on these or any other CPS-Pump products please contact CPS-Pumps.

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