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Fabricated “T” Head CVT Turbines

Many of the CVT turbines that CPS-Pumps manufacturers feature custom fabricated components.  These components can include discharge heads (above or below base in 90 or 180 degree orientation), flanged column, motor stands and suction cans (with or without suction flange).  Any of these components can be supplied with dimensional standards supplied by the end user for effortless installation or supplied per CPS-Pumps standards.  The goal on projects like these is for the CPS product to be able to dimensionally drop into the installation without any system modifications.  This solution makes it very easy on the end user and eliminates hesitation when changing pump manufacturers.

The CVT model shown here is a nine (9) stage 8CLC pump coupled to a custom fabricated “T” discharge head with a special suction can flange.  The “T” style discharge head allows for an inline installation with the suction and discharge flanges above grade.  This is a direct replacement for a pump sold about 10 years ago and features a CPS-21 mechanical seal chamber as an option.  All dimensions were engineered so that the old pump could be removed and the new unit dropped right into position.  The “T” head also features two stainless steel, lockable coupling guards to keep people safe while the equipment is in operation.

Having the ability to fabricate components in addition to the virtually unlimited casting capability that CPS-Pumps possesses makes for an unbelievable combination when supplying CVT pumps on projects.  This additional fabrication capability greatly expands the product line, simplifies installation and makes the pump replacement essentially trouble free.  Fabricated components can be engineered and supplied in nearly any size needed with customized dimensions based on system requirements.

For additional information or engineering support on these or any other CPS-Pump products please contact CPS-Pumps.

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