IndustrialVertical Turbine

Customer Repair

9CLC-5 Stage CVT Pumps

The benefit to the vertical turbine product line is that is very modular in construction.  A client can select to replace the entire pump assembly or use certain components from the previous installation to reduce cost and repair time.  This is a project that re-used the end users custom, fabricated steel discharge head.  New column, shafting and a new bowl assembly were engineered to attach to the previous discharge head.  A custom, carbon steel hangar flange was engineered to attach the column and shafting to the discharge head.

Flow & Pressure Characteristics

Flow:  372 GPM (85 m³/hr)
Head:  188 Feet (57 m)
Suction Size:  8 Inch (250 mm)
Discharge Size:  8 Inch (250 mm)

By choosing this type of repair method, the significant expense of a new discharge head is bypassed.  This fabricated discharge head was sand blasted and re-painted.  A new packing housing kit was also installed renewing clearances in the throat bushing area.  By re-using this custom discharge head, no system piping changes are required making the re-installation a breeze.

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