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Alternative Diesel Engines

Many applications require diesel drivers due to the lack of power at the job site or, in many cases, the inconsistency of the power supply itself.  CPS-Pumps offers a variety of Diesel engines to meet these needs and offers UL & FM approved Diesel engines in a Tier 0 or Tier 3 emission.  In addition to these listed models, CPS also offers non-listed Diesel engines in a Tier 0 emission that are significantly less expensive.  These engines are used throughout the world in these demanding job site locations.

CPS-Pumps offers these Diesel engines from a 25 HP to 145 HP rating, rotating at 3000 RPM.  All of these engines have options for a lockable fuel tank, silencer, radiator and custom bases.  All have Tier 0 emissions and are priced to move.

The engines in this article are used on a vertical turbine pump in a non-listed fire protection application.  The pump is a CPS-Pump 10CKC-2 stage CVT vertical turbine running at 3000 RPM in a 10 foot overall length.  These engines can also be used in a variety of Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural applications.

For more information on these alternate Diesel engines, please contact CPS-Pumps.


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