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Simply put, CPS-Pumps know turbines!

Here is another group of engineered vertical turbine pumps that showcase the expansiveness of the CVT product line.  These pumps are engineered and designed to meet the customer requirements from a flow and pressure standpoint and built to custom lengths specified by job site requirements.  The CVT vertical turbine product line is the most engineered product line that CPS-Pumps offers today.  Every pump is custom engineered and no two turbines are alike.

This attention to detail is what sets CPS-Pumps apart from other pump manufacturers.  CPS-Pumps owns all of their patterns & tooling and controls all aspects in the manufacturing process.  From castings to manufacturing (including the testing phase), CPS-Pumps monitors the entire process so that they offer a world class product line.  The result is arguably one of the highest quality vertical turbine product lines available from any manufacturer anywhere in the world.

Another aspect of the CVT product line that is very important to North American customers is that the entire product line was engineered and designed to meet and exceed the hydraulic requirements of the North American market.  This market is very demanding from an efficiency standpoint.  Expansive testing done to it over the last decade was completed to literally engineer some of the highest efficiency models available today.  These models are perfectly suited for the commercial & municipal markets that have come to expect a highly efficient product line.

CPS-Pumps recently spent millions of dollars in a diverse product upgrade modifying impeller material from sand cast bronze to state of the art investment cast, 304 stainless steel.  This change in product offering has increased quality, product performance and overall look significantly separating CPS-Pumps from other manufacturers that offer only lesser grade bronzes as a standard impeller material.  Demand only the highest quality materials from your pump manufacturer.

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