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XA Flex-Coupled End Suctions

One of the more commonly used centrifugal pumps in the world today are general use end suction pumps.  CPS-Pumps manufacturers a complete offering of flex-coupled end suction pumps (XA) from a 1.25″ discharge through a 28″ discharge.  All in total there are over 55 models in this product line.  This covers a huge hydraulic range and ensures that CPS-Pumps has a model for you application.

Flow & Pressure Characteristics

Flows To:  24,000 GPM (5,500 m³/hr)
Heads To:  450 Feet (140 m)
Temperatures To:  350ºF (177ºC)
Speed Ranges:  900 RPM To 3600 RPM

Size Range

1.25×2-5 (32/13) – 28×32-24 (700/60)

The pumps in this article are flex-coupled pumps used to circulate water at an industrial job site.  These two pumps are fairly large in size (8×10-13) and are painted in standard CPS-Pumps blue for immediate installation.  The models pictured have cast ribs around the casing assembly for additional support & pressure rating and mounted with coupling, coupling guard, base and motor.  CPS-Pumps offers this model in pump only or with some or all of the accessories shown in these pictures.

The XA end suction product line has many specifiable features and benefits that set it apart from other pumps in the industry.  These pumps feature centerline discharges which negate the need for a left-hand or right-hand discharge casing and are self-venting by design.  These casings also have fully cast feet under the casing assembly for complete pump support.  This is critical when taking advantage of the “back-pull-out” feature during downtime.  A cast integral vortex suppressor is also standard on the suction connection of the pump to minimize inlet losses and stops the pre-rotation of fluid as it enters the impeller eye, both increasing pump efficiency.

Back-Pull-Out Feature


All XA pumps feature an exclusive CPS-21 mechanical seal with Carbon versus Silicone-Carbide faces, 300 stainless steel hardware and Viton elastomers.  A plan 1 internal flush is standard for proper mechanical seal lubrication.  Pumps can also be supplied with packing when the need arises.

The XA flex-coupled end suction pump also has an oversized, oil lubricated bearing housing as a standard offering with grease lubrication as an option.  Other competitors offer grease lubricated only.  A 420 stainless steel shaft and shaft sleeve round out the heavy duty power frame construction.

Remember that CPS-Pumps also offers a complete close-coupled end suction (AQU) product line and a complete vertical inline end suction (KTG) product line.  In complete, CPS-Pumps has nearly 150 different pumps in the standard, industrial end suction offering.

The flex-coupled XA product line also shows up in the fire protection offering as the FP-XA.  This standard packed, grease lubricated end suction pump is used in fire protection applications all over the world.

For additional information or engineering support on these or any other CPS-Pump products please contact CPS-Pumps through the support email below.

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