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Shown here is another fire protection project for a client in the Middle East that consists of both electric and Diesel engine driven end suction (FP-XA) pumps.  These pumps will be used in residential applications where life safety is of the highest priority.   While relatively small in stature, these FP-XA pumps pack a punch when it comes to knocking down a fire!!

The FP-XA product line started its life back in 2004 when CPS-Pumps first started the listed fire protection program by getting the first block of fire pumps tested.  Since then, hundreds of additional listings have been added quadrupling the available fire protection product line that exists today.  With one of the most complete listed offerings in the industry, CPS-Pumps has your fire protection needs covered.

The FP-XA product line of fire protection pumps is one of the most economical and compact in the fire pump offering.  Hundreds of listings are included in this product line and certified flows start as low as 50 GPM, a flow not available from nearly any other fire pump manufacturer.  This smaller end of the listing range greatly expands the offering that fire protection engineers have at their disposal.

For additional information or engineering support on these or any other CPS-Pump products please contact CPS-Pumps through the support email below.


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