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Multistage 15CKS Project Update

Irrigation Project

This is an update on a project that is ready to ship from the Rossville, TN manufacturing facility.  This project features the CPS-Pumps 15CKS model vertical turbine which features a semi-open, investment cast, 304 stainless steel impeller that was specified by the project engineer.  The 15CKS model has a complex impeller profile that allows for decent solids passing while maintaining very high efficiencies.  The bowl assembly also features standard porcelain, glass lining boosting efficiency even more and extending life by reducing abrasive wear.  The porcelain enamel used by CPS-Pumps is the latest in glass lining technology and surpasses industry standards from a thickness standpoint.  These pumps will be used in an irrigation application supplying much needed water to crops in a very arid environment.

Pumps will be supplied in 3 and 5 stage assemblies coupled to custom, fabricated steel, flanged column all engineered and designed in house offering a complete pumping solution.  Each pump still features a dedicated, ductile iron, flanged discharge case to attach the bowl assembly to the column assembly.  Many manufactures would simply eliminate the discharge case altogether (removing vital bearing support) or simply making a spool piece to use a threaded discharge case.  The CPS-Pumps product line has dedicated patterns and tooling to offer a robust and correctly engineered connection between the bowl assembly and the column assembly regardless on what was specified.  These discharge cases are only a small portion of the $10M investment CPS-Pumps has in patterns and tooling.

Specially manufactured and modified solid shaft motors were also specified requiring CPS-Pumps to supply flanged, adjustable couplings.  These units will use the heavy duty CPS-Pumps 10″ cast iron discharge heads (with flanged connection) which will provide years of reliable operation.

For additional information or engineering support on these or any other CPS-Pump products please contact CPS-Pumps.

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