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No Rest For The Weary

Manufacturing Is In Full Production

As the heat of July presses upon us, CPS-Pumps has their manufacturing facility running at full speed.  We have been very fortunate to continue relationships we have had with companies for the last 15+ years and welcome new additions to the CPS-Pumps family.  We very much appreciate the loyalty of our long standing clients and look forward to many more successful years working together.  With hundreds of pumps in final assembly, it is a very busy place indeed.  Currently we have end suctions, split cases, vertical inlines and vertical turbines in various stages of assembly throughout the manufacturing facility.  Final assembly, all machining operations, deburr, impeller back-file and impeller dynamic balancing are all done in two different air conditioned manufacturing areas (which is very nice here in the summer heat of July).  These two environmentally controlled areas make it much easier on our team members due to the high heat and humidity here in the mid south.  These two manufacturing areas significantly increase our overall efficiency and allow us to get more product through the manufacturing facility.  Future Blogs will focus on each of the critical machines CPS-Pumps uses to manufacture our world class product line.

The CPS-Pumps system is very flexible when it comes to customer service and we pride ourselves on having a team that parallels our world class product line.  Our team was built by improving a past system where we have chosen the best of the best based on each persons skillset.  Attitude and drive are very important to the CPS-Pumps culture and we have no patience for individuals that are intent on tearing down the system.  Everyday cannot be rainbows and sunshine and when issues come up our team is full of problem solvers.  We focus on positive reinforcement and keep all of our team members up to speed on our overall plan, strategy and goals.  A team cannot be effective without this type of communication and vision.  This culture reduces stress and allows each person to really become efficient in each of their positions.  Future Blogs will focus on our team members and allow you to know them even better.

When it comes to product, you tell us what pump you want and how you need it mounted and we will take care of the rest.  We have clients that order the pump only and others that order complete base mounted assemblies.  When it comes to vertical turbines we can also supply bowl assembly only or give you a completely assembled overall length.  It’s up to you!!


It’s important to also understand that CPS-Pumps can also supply your most commonly requested accessories.  These includes motors, engines, right angle gear drives, mechanical seals, pontoons for floating pumps, etc.  Getting these accessories from one source makes it very simple for you to get the project completed.  You have one purchase order to issue and single source responsibility.  Our goal is to make it easy for you to complete your project quickly and profitably.

Dynamic Balancing & Shaft Straightening

All impellers regardless of impeller type are dynamically balanced on our Hines balancer.  The impeller balancing standard is an ISO Grade G6.3 which is a Hydraulic Institute standard.  For more stringent applications we can balance to an ISO Grade G1.0 which is an API standard.

Impeller balancing and shaft straightening are critical to the overall operation of the pump assembly.  If these two areas are done incorrectly we cannot guarantee that our pump will meet the Hydraulic Institute standards for vibration while in service.  When manufactured and assembled correctly, our product line runs like a well oiled machine!!

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through the summer.  We appreciate the patience of all of our clients as we catch up in our manufacturing schedule.  Keep the orders coming….


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