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SP Splitcase Pump Replacement

CPS-Pumps has manufactured split case pumps for decades.  This product line is one of the most robust split case pumps available in the market today and is one of CPS-Pumps most popular horizontal product lines.  It is feature rich with many specifiable features and benefits that the engineering community has grown to respect.

The pump in this Blog is one being shipped to a past client for direct pump replacement in the field.  The client initially procured this equipment years ago and wanted a direct bolt-in replacement.  CPS-Pumps continues to support this product line and they were easily able to support the clients request by supplying the exact model.  This unit is 100% dimensionally & parts interchangeable with the pump previously purchased years ago.  It cannot be overstated how convenient this makes the replacement as no piping, foundation or driver changes are required when swapping the units.  The client was even able to use the existing coupling.  In addition to the dimensional interchangeability, all internal parts are also 100% interchangeable, ensuring that the customer is supported regardless on how the initial equipment was procured.  If they need an impeller, shaft sleeve, bearings or mechanical seals, CPS-Pumps has them covered.

CPS-Pumps will support any unit they have manufactured over the last 30 years.  In todays manufacturing climate where pump manufacturers abandon product lines they once offered, CPS-Pumps philosophy continues to be one based on customer support.  It is critical to the future growth of CPS-Pumps.  CPS-Pumps stands behind all products they currently manufacture and will do whatever can be done to get the client back up and running in the shortest time frame possible.  If you have issues getting parts or replacements for any of your past equipment please contact CPS-Pumps for a complete solution.

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