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This is another quick Blog of a completed order ready for shipment at CPS-Pumps.  These two models are a 14CMCR-3 stage bowl assembly rated for 1000 GPM and used in Fire Protection.  These two pumps are UL certified and have been engineered for many years of reliable service, tested and fully meeting UL requirements in a 10 foot overall length.

CPS-Pumps is a full line fire pump manufacturer and they offer flex-coupled end suction, vertical inline, split case and vertical turbine products in this market.  This gives distributors a full line to sell from and does not handicap them from a product offering.  Many manufacturers offer limited hydraulic ranges and do not offer all product types.  This is not a problem at CPS-Pumps!!

The 14CMCR model is a deepest bowl assembly initially designed for heavy duty & deepest service in the municipal and mining markets.  The bearings in the bowl assembly are 4 times the length of our other standard products.  The suction and discharge cases are also extended with larger available shaft diameters for higher horsepower applications.  Sand lugs are standard in the bowl assembly greatly reducing scouring of the bowl assembly when pumping extremely dirty or sandy water.

For additional information on the FP-CVT offering please contact us.

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